Dr. Amy Putrus-Schnell | Functional Medicine Doctor and Chiropractor in Franklin, TN

Dr. Amy Putrus-Schnell

Uncover the Holistic Healing Journey of Dr. Amy: Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Doctor in Franklin, TN


Raised in the small town of Jasper in southern Indiana, Dr. Amy’s passion for health and wellness evolved against a backdrop of vintage aesthetics, nature explorations, and crafting hobbies. Her childhood dream of working in CSI, driven by a fascination for investigative work, found its true calling in the field of Functional Medicine and Chiropractic.


Education and Practice

As a certified Functional Medicine doctor and a valedictorian graduate of Life Chiropractic College West, Class of 2014, Dr. Amy has devoted her career to ushering patients towards peak wellness. Leveraging her role as a trusted Functional Medicine doctor, she adopts a unique approach that seamlessly melds advanced lab testing, time-tested natural therapies, and intuitive healing into a cohesive healthcare experience.

Dr. Amy extends her expertise to a diverse clientele — from children and elders to professional athletes and devoted parents — providing them with the necessary support and tools to cultivate a lifestyle that optimizes wellbeing. Her unique perspective as a Functional Medicine doctor enables her to assist individuals who continue to grapple with health symptoms despite “normal” lab results. Dr. Amy’s proficiency in Functional Medicine ensures that your body’s innate intelligence is acknowledged, assisting you in tuning into your body’s signals and re-establishing equilibrium.

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