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Dr. Anthony Putrus-Schnell

Discover the Journey of Dr. Anthony Putrus-Schnell: A Renowned Chiropractor in Franklin, TN


Dr. Anthony Putrus-Schnell’s transformative health journey began with childhood ailments, unmitigated by traditional western medicine. His struggle with asthma, allergies, and behavioral issues changed course when he discovered the healing power of chiropractic care after a severe back injury. His first-hand experience with the immediate relief brought by chiropractic treatment sparked an enduring commitment to the holistic healing and wellness sector.

Today, as a leading chiropractor in Franklin, TN, Dr. Anthony advocates for holistic healing, underlining the role of nutrition and avoidance of inflammatory triggers. His unique health journey serves as a testament to the profound impact of this approach, with every previous health concern he battled finding resolution through holistic care.

Education and Practice

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology¬† in 2008, Dr. Anthony played professional soccer before returning to the academic world. His pursuit of knowledge led him to Life Chiropractic College West, where he graduated with honors and a doctorate in 2014. This journey was enriched by his partnership with Dr. Amy, whom he met at the same college.

An offer to play soccer professionally in Asia gave Dr. Anthony a global perspective on chiropractic care. Practicing with professional basketball and soccer players, he gained unique insights into the potential role of a sports team chiropractor.

Returning to the U.S. to support his terminally ill brother battling a brain tumor deeply solidified Dr. Anthony’s commitment to preventive healthcare and promoting a healthy lifestyle. His subsequent experiences in Canada and London further refined his expertise before he ultimately returned to the U.S. to continue his practice.

In Franklin, TN, Dr. Anthony and Dr. Amy combined their shared passion for holistic health by opening their own practice, The Healing Place. This clinic stands as a beacon of transformative care in Franklin, TN, mirroring Dr. Anthony’s personal journey from struggling with health issues to becoming a leading chiropractor.

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