Meet our holistic doctors

Drs. Amy and Anthony bring their experience and expertise as holistic doctors to Franklin, TN. Whole mind-body healing is emphasized in order for optimal results to be achieved.

Our mission

Health is Within Reach

The source of healing is within you—you have everything you need. Yet, sometimes guidance is necessary on the journey to optimal health. As your trusted Functional Medicine Doctors and Chiropractors in Franklin, TN, we’re here to guide you.

Your Functional Medicine Doctors and Chiropractors

Since 2014, we’ve traveled the globe as holistic Functional Medicine Doctors and Chiropractors. We fell for the history and charm of Franklin, TN, and decided to make it our new home. Nestled less than a mile from downtown Franklin, The Healing Place offers an array of services designed to foster healing for all.

Creating a Thriving Community

At The Healing Place, we envision a world exuding health and happiness—a community where collaboration and support are integral. We advocate living harmoniously with nature, fostering connections rooted in love and respect. We truly believe that through daily choices benefiting our bodies, minds, and environment, this vision is attainable.

Medical Freedom and Informed Decisions

We are staunch advocates for medical freedom and believe in the power of informed consent before any medical intervention. While medicine has its place, we posit that most people can thrive through chiropractic care and lifestyle modifications.

The Dynamic Nature of Health

We emphasize that health is not a static state; it’s an ongoing journey. From your diet to your mindset, every facet of your life contributes to your wellbeing. As Functional Medicine Doctors, we believe in nurturing our bodies daily for optimal function. Regardless of age, a vibrant, healthy life is possible with proper movement, healthy dietary choices, and a positive mindset. Experience the power of holistic healing with us at The Healing Place, the leading Functional Medicine Doctors and Chiropractors in Franklin, TN.


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“As you grow older, you discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others”

Audrey Hepburn

Let’s connect

There are so many talented people doing so many wonderful things to help better our society. We’d love to know if that’s you and how we might be able to serve our community together. Drop us a note if you offer a healing service, source and/or make sustainable wellness products, or would like to collaborate or contribute in some way to our evolving list of resources on offer.